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Oblivious to the obvious

Raphael Kimmig, 28 Sep 2013

Just be­cause I've just spent half an hour tra­cing through WebTest and the Django au­th in­tern­als...

When you are us­ing WebTest to test cus­tom ad­min views and for some ... [more]

When test driven design makes things worse

Raphael Kimmig, 30 Jul 2013

Today I watched an introduction to test driven design using angular.js' testing tools.

In general it is a nice introductory talk, however one of the examples used got me ... [more]

Yes­ter­day I was search­ing for a way to check­out Git­Hub pull re­quests and re­view them loc­ally that is more con­veni­ent than adding new re­motes.

For­tu­nately Fil­ippo Valsorda doc­u­mented how you ... [more]

DjangoCon Europe 2013 Day 1

Raphael Kimmig, 15 Mai 2013

The venue

So we've just come back to the hostel from the first day of DjangoCon Europe 2013 in Warsaw and I thought I'd do a short recap ... [more]

Wenn wir et­was gestal­ten, dann tun wir das meistens nicht für uns. Wir tun es für je­mand an­ders: Ein­en Kun­den, ein Pub­likum, ein Zuschauer, ein Be­n­utzer. Wenn wir diesen je­mand ... [more]